Hudson Valley Seniors Backs Delgado for Congress to Keep Americans Well-Fed and Healthy

The humankind has gone through some dark periods, and the United States has had its share of difficult times. The Hudson Valley Seniors endured their share of hardships, including tales of survival during the lean days that followed World War II. However, the United States has been fortunate to have remarkable leaders who realized that the health of the nation overshadowed all other considerations. Driven by the conviction that hunger is unacceptable in modern society, they made sure the country’s massive farm resources were used to the benefit of all Americans through food programs that reached even the remotest corners of the land. The modern way of life has taken its toll on the health of Americans, making it all the more important that national leaders prioritize the supply of affordable quality food, thus eliminating the cause of many diseases and reducing the burden of healthcare expenses. The Hudson Valley Seniors declare that the Democratic Congressional Candidate Antonio Delgado is the person who will work tirelessly to make this happen.

Historically, many US leaders set out to combat hunger by providing nourishment to the most vulnerable members of society. President Franklin D. Roosevelt started a school lunch program that also helped farmers market their crops. In the early 1960s, President Lyndon Johnson and Senator Robert F. Kennedy of New York exposed hunger in the Appalachian Mountains and in poor communities throughout the country, which led to a massive expansion of food programs. Within a decade, the United States had food stamps introduced, as well as various programs for school children and would-be or new mothers. These initiatives proved of benefit both to US farmers and citizens in need of food aid, but recent political decisions threaten to undermine this symbiotic relationship and impede efforts to improve the nation’s health, according to the Hudson Valley Seniors.

Wholesome and abundant food is essential for eradicating diseases such as diabetes and obesity, which are taxing the healthcare system and hurting the productivity of the country. Even if a government needs to save taxpayer dollars, it should not do it at the expense of health and well-being. Antonio Delgado believes that America has the means to make hunger a dark memory by using its incredible farm resources. He is a proponent of encouraging good farming and expanding food assistance programs while also educating people about good nutrition habits. As the most productive agricultural economy in the world, the United States can easily eliminate hunger and provide its citizens with good food as long as its leaders have the will to support this cause.

The Hudson Valley Seniors are a collective of war veterans and Baby Boomers who believe that past experiences should serve as lessons to the new generations. These residents of the 19th Congressional District of New York State live by the values Americans cherish and want their great country to have worthy leaders. Driven by patriotism and a strong sense of social justice, the seniors actively campaigns for Democratic Congressional Candidate Antonio Delgado, using social media and their website to get fellow Hudson Valley residents to vote and help build a better future for the country.

Hudson Valley Seniors Support Antonio Delgado for Congress to Improve National Economy

The state of New York is considered the birthplace of the American Dream. These days, however, it feels as if it has become just that - a dream. The economy is strained, and the working class is feeling the brunt of it as the cost of living rises and wages stagnate. The Hudson Valley Seniors of Congressional District 19 in New York State benefitted from a better regional economy, and it is their overwhelming desire to see it restored to its former strength. United by the wish to contribute actively to both a national and a local revival, they have chosen to stand firmly behind Antonio Delgado, a Democratic candidate for Congress.

Delgado was born and raised in New York, which gives him an intimate understanding of how the community works and what the infrastructure requires. He is pushing for banking support for small businesses and advocating the relaxation of regulations that strangle them while big corporations thrive and benefit from exploiting loopholes. These new policies would raise the minimum wage, as well as offer support to local business and worker unions. As the Hudson Valley Seniors point out, Delgado’s strong redistribution plan ensures that no stress is put on taxpayers. Special interest groups and the super wealthy receive the largest tax breaks, but the burden of funding these perks falls on the middle and working classes. Delgado will work to lighten the tax load on the working American people and crack down on large corporations that pay the least and often do their work overseas.

Another thing Delgado is fighting for is educational opportunities for everyone since knowledge and skills are critical for building a strong infrastructure and economy. He will reinvest in trade and vocational schools, as well as apprenticeship programs, providing young people with excellent alternatives to college and paths to successful and meaningful careers. Having skilled workers in well-paying jobs will lead to creating professionals who excel in their trade and provide well for their families.

With their support for Delgado, the Hudson Valley Seniors aim to help return New York and the entire United States to a place where everyone has the opportunity to prosper. This should be a place where no one is forced to work two or three jobs to provide for themselves and their families. With Antonio Delgado representing District 19 in Congress, New York will have a leader who is fighting for them and ensuring that it remains a great state with great promise for everyone living there.

The elderly citizens calling themselves the Hudson Valley Seniors believe that lessons from the past can help prevent mistakes in the future. These residents of the 19th Congressional District of New York State live by the values and principles, which allowed the United States to become a leading global power. Driven by patriotism and a strong sense of social justice, they want to ensure that the country has worthy leaders, so the group has been actively campaigning on behalf of Democratic Congressional Candidate Antonio Delgado. Through social media and online portals, the seniors have been spreading their message and galvanizing fellow Hudson Valley residents into action.

A Message to Our Followers about Trump & Faso:

Trump and Faso, Bad for the Hudson Valley 

Where Donald Trump goes, John Faso is sure to be. 

Look for Trump and every time you’ll find Faso.

Faso follows Trump on tariffs raising prices and hurting farmers. 

Faso follows Trump sowing health care confusion that causes real worry for thousands of 19thCongressional District citizens.

Faso follows Trump turning against America’s allies.

Faso follows Trump admiring and courting dictators.

Wherever Donald Trump goes, John Faso is sure to follow.

Ask John Faso why he follows Trump wherever he leads.

Faso voted at Trump’s direction to wreck the Affordable Care Act.

Faso voted, but only with Trump’s permission, against the tax cut. 

Faso said he admired the late great Sen. John McCain, a true American hero. But where was John Faso when Trump dishonored Sen. McCain? SILENT.

Did Faso say a word? Did he speak when the senator died and Trump would not order the flag to half-staff? He was SILENT as Trump scorned a true military hero, and great veteran who spoke for all veterans like those of the 19thDistrict.

We think all this makes John Faso unworthy to represent New York’s 19thCD any longer.

If you agree, you can do something.

Join us in voting to elect Antonio Delgado to Congress. 

Let’s take our congressional district back from Donald Trump and John Faso.

Help us elect Antonio Delgado, a man unafraid of Trump -- ready to stand with us against him and for what we value – family, faith, respect for all and country.

Let’s elect a congressman:

Ready to expand and guarantee health care to all Americans;

Ready to work to rebuild America, its roads, bridges, and schools;

Ready to restore the benefit of balanced free trade to America’s economy;

Ready to honor our veterans with the benefits they’ve earned;

Ready to treat our allies with respect and stand up to those opposedto Democracy.

We are Seniors of the Hudson Valley, an independent group, and we support Antonio Delgado.