Hudson Valley Seniors Support Antonio Delgado for Congress to Improve National Economy

The state of New York is considered the birthplace of the American Dream. These days, however, it feels as if it has become just that - a dream. The economy is strained, and the working class is feeling the brunt of it as the cost of living rises and wages stagnate. The Hudson Valley Seniors of Congressional District 19 in New York State benefitted from a better regional economy, and it is their overwhelming desire to see it restored to its former strength. United by the wish to contribute actively to both a national and a local revival, they have chosen to stand firmly behind Antonio Delgado, a Democratic candidate for Congress.

Delgado was born and raised in New York, which gives him an intimate understanding of how the community works and what the infrastructure requires. He is pushing for banking support for small businesses and advocating the relaxation of regulations that strangle them while big corporations thrive and benefit from exploiting loopholes. These new policies would raise the minimum wage, as well as offer support to local business and worker unions. As the Hudson Valley Seniors point out, Delgado’s strong redistribution plan ensures that no stress is put on taxpayers. Special interest groups and the super wealthy receive the largest tax breaks, but the burden of funding these perks falls on the middle and working classes. Delgado will work to lighten the tax load on the working American people and crack down on large corporations that pay the least and often do their work overseas.

Another thing Delgado is fighting for is educational opportunities for everyone since knowledge and skills are critical for building a strong infrastructure and economy. He will reinvest in trade and vocational schools, as well as apprenticeship programs, providing young people with excellent alternatives to college and paths to successful and meaningful careers. Having skilled workers in well-paying jobs will lead to creating professionals who excel in their trade and provide well for their families.

With their support for Delgado, the Hudson Valley Seniors aim to help return New York and the entire United States to a place where everyone has the opportunity to prosper. This should be a place where no one is forced to work two or three jobs to provide for themselves and their families. With Antonio Delgado representing District 19 in Congress, New York will have a leader who is fighting for them and ensuring that it remains a great state with great promise for everyone living there.

The elderly citizens calling themselves the Hudson Valley Seniors believe that lessons from the past can help prevent mistakes in the future. These residents of the 19th Congressional District of New York State live by the values and principles, which allowed the United States to become a leading global power. Driven by patriotism and a strong sense of social justice, they want to ensure that the country has worthy leaders, so the group has been actively campaigning on behalf of Democratic Congressional Candidate Antonio Delgado. Through social media and online portals, the seniors have been spreading their message and galvanizing fellow Hudson Valley residents into action.